Feb 14, 2011

Do you want to see the first result of "Hot hipster girl" on Google? Probably not.

But here she is anyway, in all her possibly psychotic glory .
I can see her thigh fat overhanging her bottom half while I am writing this. There is a feeling of shame washing over my entire life that I am posting a picture of this and going to talk about it. Wow, just wow. Looking at this shit is disturbing. I think this may be on par with water boarding. 

This is the result of my curiosity "Hot Hipster Girl" . Yes, I do wield a penis. So sometimes a morbid curiosity seeps into my skull. I thought to myself, maybe I am hating these people because I long to fit in and be one of them? Then I thought to myself, wait why would I want to be one of anything? Then I realized. Girls. So in blind confidence I googled it. My face and my eyes have been raped and if possible I would file charges against this Snorlax who managed to jump out of my Gameboy Color. 

That's all I've got for you. Nothing insightful, no. I'm just another soul with a mouth gaping wider than goatse at the sight of this.

Hipsters are running this country.

Don't believe me? Look at a politician you love. Think about them for a second.

Oh, wait you don't love any politicians do you? Maybe because they are all political sell outs?

The truth is every politician is 90 percent PR and 10 percent policy. They want to stray from the pack. They want to give you hope and shit, and will pay millions of dollars to convince you like the retard they assume you are. Here is my uniformed rundown of politics. Lobbyists tell the political puppets what to do, when to shit, and who to shit on. I may sound crazy now, but just like Tesla I will be praised. (joking) .

Some alien will find this post in a million years going through the dusted archives of the internet and start clicking his three tongues in his dubstep language "this fuckin guy, this fuckin hater of hipsters oomph oomph oomph, he had it right". Why does he have three tongues you ask? Because that's what the future holds. More tongues.

Hipsters to me, are just an exaggerated sellout. Like an ICP fan or a Korn disciple. They don't dress the way they do because they like it, they do it for a sense of appeal or belonging. Now don't get me wrong, I don't believe every person that dresses a certain way means to fit in or to appeal to a crowd, I'm just saying that a lot of people in these little subcultures do it for the wrong reasons. 

My hate shall continue, as always. 

This guy thinks he's making some sort of statement. He just doesn't know what.

This will get me laid right? I heard that being a douchebag gets you laid, it works right? 
When can I stop posing like this and get laid? 

Feb 6, 2011

This is what an abortion gone wrong looks like.

              "look I'm making a fucking statement or something by doing this, wow
    I can't wait to post it on my facebook so people can see how insightful and relevant I am"