Feb 14, 2011

Do you want to see the first result of "Hot hipster girl" on Google? Probably not.

But here she is anyway, in all her possibly psychotic glory .
I can see her thigh fat overhanging her bottom half while I am writing this. There is a feeling of shame washing over my entire life that I am posting a picture of this and going to talk about it. Wow, just wow. Looking at this shit is disturbing. I think this may be on par with water boarding. 

This is the result of my curiosity "Hot Hipster Girl" . Yes, I do wield a penis. So sometimes a morbid curiosity seeps into my skull. I thought to myself, maybe I am hating these people because I long to fit in and be one of them? Then I thought to myself, wait why would I want to be one of anything? Then I realized. Girls. So in blind confidence I googled it. My face and my eyes have been raped and if possible I would file charges against this Snorlax who managed to jump out of my Gameboy Color. 

That's all I've got for you. Nothing insightful, no. I'm just another soul with a mouth gaping wider than goatse at the sight of this.


  1. take it off, its someones daughter

  2. ok, its someones daughter! but she took that photo

  3. This is a picture of Beth Ditto, the incredibly talented singer from the band The Gossip. Also, you're an asshole.