Oct 11, 2010

The final introduction to Hipstering

This will be my last introductory post. I have made you aware of many key attributes hipsters have, but do not be mislead. Most hipsters are not on the far right of the spectrum or the left. They are in fact toned down hipsters. They might be exceedingly pretentious, but possess none of the other qualities. They might dress like Mystery but be completely normal. But most most are just there. They are not so obvious to pick off. So I caution you, do not disregard the young or lower level hipsters. Be aware they exist and are the majority of the population. One of them could rise up one day and we must be vigilant.
They're not so obvious in this picture are they? However hard it is for a hipster to "blend in" they do it on occasion. Recognize the signs. October is hipster awareness month.

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  1. If you wanna see the Ultimate Hipsters check out "Hipster the Get Down" on YouTube